About co-production with magic fair

We operate as a co-production hub for films of many genres. Among the films currently in production are: Roses of Modigliani (co-production Italy – Russia-Switzerland), feature film (2021-2022), Battle of Vampires (co-production Italy – Russia), feature film (2022).

Our experience in production, finance and distribution enables us to act as a matchmaker in forming successful partnerships between: CIS, Europe (Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Serbia) and North America.

In addition to traditional financing we also find partnerships for product placement. And, we have extensive experience and expertise regarding global funding incentives, which helps us to find and provide the most efficient financial/funding model for each project.

We enhance commercial interest in intercultural stories across the world. Our wealth is beautiful minds and inspirational talents that are creating commercially successful films that make a difference.

Film in production

Roses of Modigliani

Drama | 2022
co-production Russia, Italy, France, Switzerland

1910, Paris. The fates of a young Russian poet Anna Akhmatova and of an unknown for the moment Italian painter Amedeo Modigliani meet. Anna is married, Amedeo is a struggling …

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Historical Drama | 2022
co-production Russia and Italy

Naval officer Alexander Kostomarov, severely wounded in the Russian-Japanese war, is recovering in beautiful Sicily butwrites his superiors asking to be returned to his patriotic duties. While he awaits a …

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No Crying

Thriller | 2022
co-production Russia and Italy

A Russian emigrant in Scandinavia sends her son to school, but he never returns back. Trying to get her son home she faces a problem: according to the laws of …

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