• Country
  • Year
  • Status
  • Language
    Kazakh with English subtitles
  • Length
    85 min
  • Director
    Bahyttas Sanitaas
  • Producer
    Dina Nurmuhanova
  • Genre


Strange events occur in the life of an ordinary shepherd family of Kokpai. The stallion disappears during the night under mysterious circumstances. Kokpai and his father set out to search for the horse, followed by their younger daughter Ulbala. No one can imagine that from this moment on, a whole chain of tragic incidents will begin. A jackal attacks the elder daughter, a centipede crawls into the mouth of the younger daughter while she sleeps, the mother gets electrocuted, premature labor starts for the wife when she gathers herbs in the steppe. What fateful events did this land prepare for the heroes?