• Running time
    85 min
  • Year
  • Genre
    Psychological Thriller
  • Language
    Russian with English subs
  • Directed by
    Anna Kurbatova
  • Produced by
    Anna Kurbatova
    Mikhail Kurbatov
    Sergey Orlov
    Grigoriy Podzemelniy
  • Starring
    Kirill Kyaro
    Yulia Aleksandrova
  • Country


Tragedy strikes at a college assembly when police officer Vera Shershneva shoots and kills a teenager. Vera insists the boy was planning a terror attack but there’s no evidence to back up her claim and soon everyone turns again Vera, except for Ilya, her pro bono lawyer. Together, they have to overcome the prosecutors, and an angry public demanding justice. They must prove Vera’s innocence, and they must do it quickly before there’s another terrorist attack that she cannot prevent.