• Country
  • Year
  • Status
  • Production Company
    Libertus Film
  • Language
    Russian with English subtitles
  • Length
    98 min
  • Director
    Olzhas Bayalbaev
  • Producer
    Mikhar Sazhle
  • Genre
    Thriller, Action


Chinese businessmen arrive in Kazakhstan to conclude a contract for the supply of raw materials from a mining and processing plant, one of the largest in the entire post-Soviet space. An unscrupulous oligarch, who owns a controlling stake in the enterprise, makes them a counteroffer for its illegal purchase, from which foreign partners cannot refuse. With the approval of corrupt local authorities, preparations for the sale of the plant begin. At the same time, the director and founder of the plant is trying with all his might to thwart this, and the situation unfolds unexpectedly for everyone involved.