• Running time
    105 min
  • Year
  • Genre
    War drama
  • Language
    Kazakh language with English subtitles
  • Production Company
    Kazakh Cinema
  • General Producer
    Tasbolat Merekenov
  • Producer
    Birzhan Abubakir
  • Director
    Talgat Temenov
  • Cast
    Erlan Kulmurzin, Nurai Saktapova, Dulyga Akmolda, Medgat Umeraliev


At the height of World War 2, Askarbek, Karabay and Grisha were drafted from their village to the front. Askarbek’s father Murat Khan, goes to join the soldiers, hoping to find his son. The women are left to fend for themselves and one of the women, a hunchback named Bekzhuuma secretly sells the village grain to bandits who kill a woman, Sholpan, who sees too much. Karabay’s sister, Almagul, catches the bandits and hands them over to justice. A young girl who’s in love with Askarbek’s brother follows the path of his father to search for him at the front but she is delayed by the war and ends up becoming a war reporter. Meanwhile, Askarbek, who is brave but insubordinate and gets in trouble with his commanders, ends up with a dangerous assignment – not realizing his father is in the same division. They are both wounded and sent to a hospital where they are reunited and Askarbek is also reunited with his love.