• Running time
    108 min
  • Year
  • Genre
  • Language
    Russian with English subs
  • Directed by
    Vladimir Koyfman
  • Produced by
    Anton Nabatov
  • Starring
    Inna Barron
    Ivan Bosiljcic
  • Country


Feodor, a famous art patron and collector is at the opening of a gallery exhibition when he is struck by the sight an ethereal beauty, Iliana. Her sophistication and intellect add to her charms as they share a casual tete-a-tete in front of the painting “A Polyanitsa’s Smile”* — And the story behind the painting becomes a reflection of their fate. Years later they meet again, after married life has taken a toll on Iliana. She tells Feodor a story of strange events she witnessed which led to her husband’s death, Feodor is disturbed by the this confession out do the blue, and by the sudden shift in her personality. His interest waned long ago and they’d become distant. Now her odd behavior makes him suspect that she has learned she wasn’t his only lover. He had many. He wonders “Does she know? Is she angry? What is she planning to do?” As Feodor tortures himself with these alarming questions Iliana invites their mutual friends, Igor and Margarita, to a casual dinner at home. During dinner we discover Margarita is one of Feodor’s many lovers, and we realize there was a hidden purpose bringing them here. As the tension grows and we wonder what will happen, we see that someone has put cameras to watch as the situation unfolds…