• Running time
    96 min.
  • Year
  • Genre
  • Language
    Russian with English subs
  • Directed by
    Polina Oldenburg
  • Produced by
    Ilya Shemyatov
  • Starring
    Shamil Hamatov
    Igor Petrenko
    Darya Belousova
  • Country


«Love at first sight» is a popular saying — but is it more than a fantasy. Can science prove it exists? Herman Krylov has become very popular reporting «crazy» ideas on TV, and the cynical journalist is sure that strange reports about Love at First Sight will be just another «fairy tale» story he can exploit. As he investigates and the facts seem to prove that some people can compel others at will to feel incredible love. Herman continues to resist believing then, saying all the stories are nonsense. But then he finds himself infatuated with a woman he’s only seen once. It’s never happened to him before and he wonders if she has tricked him, somehow. Maybe she’s a brilliant hypnotist. Or maybe the feeling is real and it’s due to some unique physical chemistry she possesses. Whatever the cause, his feelings grow into such an obsession he’s willing to risk everything that matters – his career, his friendships and family. Even his life.