• Country
  • Year
  • Status
  • Production Company
    Hug Pictures
  • Language
    Malay with English subtitles
  • Length
    85 min
  • Director
    Mark Lee
  • Producers
    Chin Kit Ling, Mark Lee See Teck
  • Genre
    Psychological Thriller
  • Format


30 years ago, Titi and Dirwan appeared at a small town and took over a rundown mansion where they turned it into a quaint and idyllic home for the homeless and those who have nowhere to go. It has created a buzz among the small community and nearby towns especially when Dirwan has never demanded for any payments and he has taken great efforts and measures to provide the best care and facilities for the residents.

Unknown to everyone, the shelter home is only the front for another ludicrous but dark and sinister business – organ harvesting. Business that Titi and Dirwan has been profiting for close to 2 decades. Its charming facade and warm hospitality lure unsuspecting victims. This place is perfect as it is located at the edge of the town, far away from anyone and coupled with unreliable internet and mobile phone services.