• Country
  • Year
  • Status
  • Production Company
    Viper Studios
  • Language
    Malay with English subtitles
  • Length
    117 min
  • Director
    Syafiq Yusof
  • Producers
    Syafiq Yusof, Dinie Shuhaimi
  • Genre
  • Co-Producer
    Shamin Yusof
  • Format


Fadli is a member of the NTSF who wants to take revenge on the ESLM (extra sensory liberation movement) because they caused the death of his father 20 years ago. After the existence of Helang in ESLM, NTSF is increasingly threatened by the existence of Helang who wants to destroy their organization.

Fadli began to investigate and suspected that the NTSF had a rat who disclosed their information. Fadli began to distrust anyone until he found out about the truth in his own organization.

Things become more and more complicated until the final battle between NTSF and ESLM which will reveal all the secrets and evil motives among the people around Fadli.