• Running time
    86 min.
  • Year
  • Genre
  • Language
    Russian with English subs
  • Directed by
    Maria Mozhar
  • Produced by
    Svetlana Zimagorova
    Svetlana Kabanova
    Victor Nusenkis
    Vladislav Litvinov
    Anna Gutovskaya
  • Starring
    Pyotr Fyodorov
    Oksana Akinshina
    Diana Pozharskaya
  • Country
    Russia, Czech Republic


The New Year is coming and two girls from very different backgrounds are about to see their lives changed forever. Sonya’s lives in a huge country house with her rich father who owns a confectionery business and spares no expense to make her happy. He has made sure that her needs are provided for by a governess and a personal psychologist and her dad’s business assistant, who is about to get married. The one thing Sonya’s father cannot provide for her is Sonya’s mother, a famous children’s writer whomysteriously disappeared. While Sonya’s attending a circus on New Year’s Eve, two orphans, Katya and Kolya, are there, as well.As the New Year approaches the impetuous children decide to run away to find their parents. Their bravery will be tested as their quest takes them on an incredible journey as they seek to solve the mystery…