• Running time
  • Year
  • Genre
  • Language
    Malaysian with eng subs
  • Directed by
    Kroll Azry
    Frank See
  • Produced by
    Chee Ang Keoh
  • Starring
    Aedy Ashraf
    Farali Khan
    Qi Razali
  • Country


A group of terrorists led by a ruthless man named Lang blow up the Pedu Dam. Khalid, (main hero) is a member of the E8 special team, led by SAC Rahman, which is given the mission to neutralize the terrorists. Khalid and his partners, Anis, Zack and Bob, discover another attack is planned in Kuala Lumpur. They capture Lang but his stepbrother, Joe, escapes. Mike, an officer from the United Nation Counter Terrorist (UNCT), joins the team and wants Rahman to hand Lang over to them so they can try him for terrorism in Southeast Asia. E8 gets a lead where Joe’s group is hiding, but Zack is killed in the fight and Joe escapes. Joe demands they release Lang or he will bomb Kuala Lumpur. Khalid and his team must race against time to find the bomb before it kills thousands of innocent people.